How are WholeYoga classes different from other yoga classes offered in my community?

WholeYoga offers a unique yoga experience called TCTSY (Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga).  The emphasis is NOT on achieving a “perfect” body position.  In TCTSY, the emphasis is on moving and breathing – and making choices about moving and breathing -  in a way that promotes awareness of sensation.  This is called “interoception”. 


How else is a WholeYoga class different?

  •     Classes are small
  •     It is a calm and safe space
  •     A series of gentle forms are offered. Participants are encouraged to choose from multiple variations what may feel best for them at that moment
  •     Every opportunity to participate is an invitation – not a requirement
  •     No touching or “assists." The facilitator stays on her mat
  •     Together, you practice making a choice, noticing a result and taking action
  •      Your Yoga. Your Way.           


Is this a clinical treatment?

Yes.  Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an evidence-based yoga method developed by leading researchers in the fields of trauma & psychology as an adjunct or complement to established mental heath treatment.  It is based on clinical trials performed at the Trauma Center in Brookline Massachusetts by psychiatrist and leading trauma researcher, Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk and yoga teacher David Emerson.  


Do I or my family member have to be in mental health counseling to participate?

Yes. WholeYoga is one component in creating a plan to maximize well-being.  It is a complement to mental health treatment and is not designed to stand alone.